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Every tree on your property adds value to it in some way. Some anchor your landscape in place, while others provide storm protection. Still, that doesn’t mean they all belong on your property. Sometimes, the risk a tree poses to your home outweighs the value it brings to your property. If this sounds familiar, contact Main Street Tree Care. We offer tree removal services in Kansas City, MO and beyond. We’ll get rid of your trees safely.

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5 signs your tree needs to be removed

5 signs your tree needs to be removed

Overgrown trees aren’t the only kinds of trees that can harm your property. If your trees are dead or rotting, they can spread their illness to other trees. To find out whether you need to take advantage of our tree removal services, look out for these signs:

  1. No leaves during growing season
  2. Signs of decay: punky wood, cavities, fungus, cankers on or around base of tree
  3. Tree has started to lean from its original position 15 degrees or more (signs are mounds of dirt on one side) or the tree has a 30 degree lean to one side
  4. Trunk and Root damage.
  5. Notice hollow sections in your tree's trunk or rotting at your tree's base /li>

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