Keep Your Trees Vibrant and Healthy Year-Round

We perform tree maintenance in the Kansas City, MO area

Your trees are important to your property, but to truly get the most out of them, you need to make sure they’re taken care of. Main Street Tree Care provides tree maintenance services in Kansas City, MO and the surrounding metro area. You can count on us to give your trees everything they need to stay healthy year-round.

Reach out to Main Street Tree Care today to ask about our tree maintenance work. A certified arborist in Kansas City, MO will be happy to answer your questions.

You’ll see results right away

You’ll see results right away

When we begin your comprehensive tree maintenance plan, your trees will look healthier right away—especially if harmful overgrowth was sapping away their nutrients. Our tree maintenance services include:

  • Tree pruning
  • Selective thinning and pruning
  • Dead wooding
  • Tree shaping
  • Weight reduction
  • Crown raising

Call 816-603-8733 today to take advantage of our tree pruning services in Kansas City, MO. Proper tree pruning and maintenance can prevent all kinds of health problems, including stunted tree growth, disease, decay and insect infestation.