Get Help After a Storm

Call us when you need storm damage cleanup services in Kansas City or Prairie Village, KS

After a storm rolls through, your property may be left in disarray. Worse yet, hazardous trees could be threatening to fall, which could cause serious damage. That's why it's so important to schedule storm damage cleanup services as soon as possible. Main Street Tree Care is an experienced tree removal company serving Kansas City and Prairie Village, KS.

When you hire us, we'll be there right away to get things cleaned up. Call today to schedule an appointment.

Let us take care of everything for you

Let us take care of everything for you

If you want comprehensive storm damage cleanup services, you should turn to us. We can:

  • Get rid of fallen trees
  • Haul off large limbs and brush
  • Cut down trees in danger of falling
For quick, convenient tree removal services, look no further than Main Street Tree Care. We'll look forward to working with you.


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