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Not all trees are the right fit for your property. If you have unwanted trees, reach out to Main Street Tree Care today. We provide comprehensive tree services in the Kansas City & Prairie Village, KS area. You can count on us to remove hazardous trees from your property in no time. Not looking for a tree removal? Our certified arborist can keep the trees you love healthy for years to come.

Contact Main Street Tree Care now to ask about our tree services, storm damage cleanup orĀ commercial tree cleanup. We'll gladly give you a free estimate.

3 reasons to choose Main Street Tree Care

Main Street Tree Care is dedicated to providing clients in Kansas City & Prairie Village, KS and beyond with superior tree services, no matter how extensive their project might be. You can trust us to take care of your trees because:

  1. We have over ten years of experience serving the Kansas City & Prairie Village, KS community.
  2. We own two service trucks, a wood chipper and a variety of tree removal and stump grinding equipment. We have the tools to handle projects of all sizes.
  3. Your safety is always our top priority. Our trained team and certified arborist will keep you and your property safe from tree damage.

Call 816-603-8733 now to learn more about our tree care company in Kansas City & Prairie Village, KSF. You can speak with a certified arborist right away.

Everything you need to enjoy a vibrant, beautiful property

Main Street Tree Care has extensive experience working with all kinds of trees in the Kansas City & Prairie Village, KS area. Depending on their placement and species, your trees need different kinds of care. We can handle whatever your trees need without a problem. Our tree services include:

Call 816-603-8733 today to get started on your specialized tree care. You can schedule a risk assessment to make sure your trees are healthy at your convenience.